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What is this program?

The Dr. Dobias Healing Ambassador program is our way of trying to help as many dogs as possible and transform veterinary healthcare to be more sustainable, drug-free, natural healing and nutrition focused.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your access to the Healing Ambassador HQ where you will find promotional and marketing materials. This will help you spread the word about natural healing to your friends and other dog lovers.

Am I elgible?

YES! If you love dogs and would like to make a difference.

We do require that you are open to holistic healing and ideally have experience with our products and knowledge. We also require that you disclose if you work for a pet food or drug company and tell us the reasons why you want to join.

For full details on our terms and conditions please refer to the Ambassador program terms of use.

How do rewards work?

You will collect rewards every time a successful purchase is made through your unique affiliate link. Our system remembers the members of your pack and you will also collect rewards on their future purchases. You can track your rewards through your private Healing Ambassador HQ and once they reach $50 you will be sent your rewards on the 2nd Friday of the following month through Paypal. Please note that rewards earned on any refunds from your pack members will be adjusted accordingly.

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Products included in the program


Certified organic multivitamin for dogs: #NourishedbySoulfood #DrDobias

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Certified organic probiotics for dogs: #ProtectedbyGutsense #DrDobias

View Product Page


All natural mineral supplement for dogs: #PoweredbyGreenmin #DrDobias

View Product Page

FleaHex Combo

Natural flea control for dogs: #ShieldedbyFleaHexandlove #DrDobias

View Product Page

FleaHex Wash

Natural flea control for dogs: #ShieldedbyFleaHexandlove #DrDobias

View Product Page

FleaHex Spray

Natural flea control for dogs: #ShieldedbyFleaHexandlove #DrDobias

View Product Page

Skin Spray

Herbal healing spray for skin, wounds, hotspots and insect bites: #DrDobias

View Product Page

FeatherLight Leash

Strong and light, natural materials, Made in Canada: #DrDobias

View Product Page

Perfect Fit Harness

A fleece-lined harness fit perfectly to your dog: #DrDobias

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What other dog lovers say

Florence & Levi

I have been giving my English Mastiff, Levi, GreenMin, SoulFood, and your probiotics (GutSense) for some time now. I found out early in his life he had an autoimmune deficiency and have been trying to help him out.

Through some research about two years later, I found your site. So for the last year he has been on your regime of vitamins and minerals.

I have your Healing Solution and along with some other pills he has to take I have been spraying this on his face three times a day; in four days I am awestruck at how well he is healing! It's mind blowing. I have been giving him all of your health products, plus many organic food products in hopes this is the last time he has to deal with this. I simply cannot thank you and your team enough.

I truly believe with your quality and heartfelt products he would be so much worse for wear.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marlane, Rocky and Dexter

Dr. Dobias, I wish to thank you for your incredible courage and knowledge to always present your thoughts.

You have helped me so much with my dogs. I have an 11 year old Boxer who approximately 1 year ago today started to have syncope's about once every three months. So grateful I came across your site as I started giving him SoulFood and Green Min and changed him to Raw Diet and am happy to say he has not had a syncope in 6 + months!

How we all accept new information as you know, depends upon our own personal feelings about ourselves. Part of the “old” attitudes we grew up with. So grateful we have been shown a new way to view our world!

Please continue your incredible efforts to share your knowledge and insights on animal wellness and personal human growth!

Gratefully, Marlane, Rocky and Dexter

Lina D'Onofrio Cirasella

First of all let me say that the GreenMin, SoulFood & GutSense super combo has really helped my 7 year old, 90 lb Schnoodle.

We rescued him last December. He had been a stray and so he was very underweight, had horrible breath and discoloured teeth. His coat wasn't great. He hesitated to sit as his back legs would shake and it seemed like he would fall on the floor instead of easing down onto the floor. This shaking was especially bad when going up stairs.

We put him on a strict diet recommended by our vet but the bad breath and shaking was still bad. So I put him on Dr. Dobias's super bundle and it really helped him!

The shaking is far less than it was, it has almost disappeared and his breath doesn't stink! His coat is very soft and he bounces around like a puppy (yes I do really mean bounce).

In short, your products have really helped him and have given my family peace of mind knowing that he's feeling so much better.

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