Guidelines & Values

Dr. Dobias Healing Ambassador Program Posting and Partnership Guidelines


Welcome aboard our Healing Ambassador Program. We are grateful to have you become a part of our team!
We gather you have joined us because you love your dog and know the importance of your connection with your best friend.

We are here for you and to help create a healthy and long life for your dog.

We are also here to help you follow your passion and heart by helping others get the gift of extra time with their dogs through holistic healing and nutrition.

Our goal is to empower and teach you how to make the right decisions for your best friend so you can help others.

We do not take your trust and enthusiasm for granted. We believe at the beginning of any long-lasting relationship there has to be trust, care and clarity.

The following lines contain the terms and conditions of being a Dr. Dobias Healing Ambassador to make your mission easy, effective and help you maximize your rewards.

Please review these policies as they will impact your promotional activities.


Participation in Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Campaigns

Our campaigns are focused on empowering dog lovers to create healthy and long lives for their dogs. Your resources are located in your Ambassador Headquarters where your unique affiliate links are embedded.


Important guidelines for sharing and publishing Dr. Dobias Natural Healing articles:

  1. The articles may be shared only by using the original URL links in their original, unaltered state.
  2. No articles or materials should be copied and used on another URL. This is important so that search engines do not penalize your website and the Dr. Dobias Natural Healing website for duplicate content.
  3. Any unauthorized duplication of content in an altered or unaltered form will result in cancellation of your Healing Ambassador membership.
    All marketing resources provided in the Ambassador Headquarters are available for your use and are updated regularly.






For your convenience, we have outlined our values and standards to make your mission easier and help you provide an excellent customer experience, which is highly valued at Dr. Dobias Natural Healing.

We hope that through our education program and caring about your mission you will be a knowledgeable, professional, genuine and caring Healing Ambassador for our community.



⦁ We embrace and promote a natural and holistic approach to life and healthcare.

⦁ We participate in building a thriving community focused on natural and holistic healthcare and disease prevention.

⦁ We stand up and defend our cause to create a safe, healthy and long life for the animals.

⦁ We see change and progress as one of the most important parts of a healthy company culture.

⦁ We strive to be flexible and adjust to the ever-changing nature of life and the world.


⦁ We see everything in nature as one system, where each life form plays an important role.

⦁ We believe that humans are neither superior nor inferior to the rest of the life forms on Earth.

⦁ We participate in improving the living conditions of animals and strive to end animal abuse and exploitation around the world.
⦁ We value nature and the environment as the greatest wealth of our society.

⦁ We embrace the philosophy of living a good life where animals, family, friends and community have a much greater value than material goods.

⦁ We strive to create a balance, both at work and in our personal lives, through continuous personal development and learning.

⦁ Our team members support and embrace a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, healthy nutrition and spirituality.


⦁ We are truthful and honest in conducting our relationships.

⦁ We treat others the way we would like to be treated.

⦁ We set an example of integrity and honesty in product manufacturing and development.

⦁ We are respectful and tolerant of people’s differences.


⦁ We continuously strive to improve and innovate our products and services.

⦁ We provide our clients and customers with top-quality, natural supplements and products.

⦁ Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

⦁ We strive to be punctual, precise, innovative and responsible in achieving our set goals and targets.
⦁ We promote and embrace the idea of diversity, equality and tolerance.